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    Affiliates with Daily Schedules
    Tried to search for a thread on this I'm sure it has probably been discussed. But no luck so here goes:

    Affiliates: Do you have a daily schedule? I mean like exact times that you schedule things like checking stats, updating sites, reviewing domains, researching new merchants, writing to your personal blog, etc. Work on site "A" Mondays and site "B" Tuesdays, etc. Or do you do it all as the day progresses without any set schedule or calendar?

    I guess one of the great things about being your own boss is that you can do things on your own time. But, that is also one of the biggest problems I seem to have. Something tells me that having things a bit more structured would produce a lot of benefit. It is really hard to change your personality after so long though. No wonder I get so scatterbrained at times. A schedule might solve this.

    Seems to come down to something like this: Set concise tasks/goals. Have a set time for those tasks/goals to be achieved by. No different than in most normal businesses. Agree or disagree?

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    I started using the Task scheduler in Outlook to manage updates to my websites. I'd also review email from my various merchants and if I decided I wanted to put whatever offer/coupon/product on my site, I'd put that email into my tasks as well, with a due date. It was great.... for a while.

    Long story short, I got completely overwhelmed by the volume of email and gave up. LOL. Now, I just wing it and work on what I feel like working on.
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    checking stats, updating sites, reviewing domains, researching new merchants, writing to your personal blog
    Lather, rinse, repeat...

    I do all of that at any time of day. I'm in a similar position - my biggest challenge is trying to establish a schedule or routine, for certain tasks. In an attempt to introduce structure into my workflow, I've recently amassed a terrific collection of unused notepads, calendars, organizers, etc..

    However, I have to accept that it's this everything-at-anytime mentality that has allowed me to grow my business.

    The one thing I have done is compile a list of things that I feel take up too much time. A pending site redesign will streamline the publishing process, and a friend is writing a few scripts to help automate some tasks.

    Then I will have more time to check stats

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