Please forgive me if this has already be hashed out...I couldn't find a "best practices" so to speak for exclusive coupons. In short, we're assuming, that exclusive coupons should lock the credit for any sale made with that coupon to the affiliate that coupon was given to, correct?

Technically, this doesn't seem too tough...

1. If an exclusive coupon is used on checkout, the SaS tracking pixel is suppressed. (Fairly easy with our cart solution,, as we can make callbacks, etc.)
2. When the order arrives in our (custom) backend system -- where we have an index of exclusive coupons to affiliates -- the exclusive coupon sales are flagged.
3. We post the exclusive coupon sales manually in SaS each morning, to the coupon's owner.

Seems simple enough. The next step in development would be:

3. Replace the manual post (#3 above) with an automatic post to the SaS API so the sale is still tracked in real time. (We do our dev in-house, so this makes things easier.)

As a side effect, since we track the affiliate SSAID with our own cookie, and into the backend/order data, we can easily see which other affiliates might possibly be using an exclusive coupon, etc. And, if there is an issue, we still know the "last cookie'd" affiliate if there are any disputes...we know the words "tracking pixel is suppressed" are words for concern, even if it's for a good reason.

Assuming that all other question: if the exclusive coupon is locked to the affiliate, is there any reason to care if other affiliates/coupon sites are making that affiliate money by listing their coupon? (ie. Should we worry about policing the coupons, with this implemented? Seems to me we would leave it alone...unless the affiliate requested we do otherwise, and in that case, we have good data to pursue with if needed.)