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    coupon affiliate sites??
    Is there a directory that i can go to get a list of big name ecommerce sites that accept affiliate coupon codes??

    or does anyone have a list of the top 10?

    unfortunately, before you sign up for affiliation they dont tell you if you can offer your own individual coupon ID.

    thanks all!

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    Are you looking for big named merchants who offer affiliates codes? Its doubtful that a merchant will give you an exclusive code until you produce for them. It takes tech time and AM time to create and send out with limited resources available.

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    You will have better luck with smaller companies. Like Chuck said, it takes time.

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    You can go to those big brands to see if they have in-house affiliate program. It is more likely you can get exclusive codes. Otherwise, go to affiliate network to do the search list.

    But usually if you want exclusive or vanity codes named under your website, you will have to produce profit first.

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    About the only time I make exclusives available for almost anyone is Christmas.

    For the other promotional periods I need substance to justify it to the clients. Specific marketing campaigns time limited. Proven sales record if not with us then with others.

    Non Christmas exclusives are usually bigger than anything generic available, are time limited and moreover are for specific campaigns that I expect minimum targets to justify their release.

    Say for instance I offered you a 50% Brand related exclusive code (I have those available), the retailer needs to know what stock levels to buy in and how long it will be in stock for until you have delivered sufficient buying customers to sell the stock and justify the one time investment in products specifically for your subscriber base.

    It's not just a case of issuing a code and saying to yourself "if I display it they will come". It's a case of being fully committed and pro-active to be a publisher and get that message out. The products convert well, but buying in something for a campaign designed around you costs money and not just a banner.
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    hi... this is not an advertisment nor my personal site, i found the coupon list valid according to rankings.... check bestcouponssites(dot)com for the list of coupon sites. it helped me alot in direct marketing to coupons sites and promoting my program but this doesnot mean that coupon sites can accept any merchant right away and they only accept relevant merchants and answer very late if they thinks you're too much desparate....

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