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    Loading..... Adwords
    Haven't logged in for a few weeks and they have the new interface and it's annoying. I hate seeing that spinning symbol, now it's slow like Linkshare.

    And checking some previous ads where I have a keyword quality score of 1

    Relevance - No Problems
    Landing Page - Poor
    Landing Page Performance - No Problems

    So how do you decipher that. It's relevant, there are no problems with the landing page performance but the landing page is poor. I'm thinking if there are no problems with relevance and no problem with landing page performance how is the landing page poor?

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    COMPLETELY agree. Slooooooow and not as immediately informative and useable. I wish they had kept the option to use the older interface.

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    I'm getting used to the new interface. There are some good things. Like being able to see what keyword phrases are showing for broad match more easily so that you can make some of them negative match to improve your CTR.

    BTW, the easiest way to get a quality score bump is to make sure the keyword is in your ad title, breaking the keyword out into its own adgroup if you need to.
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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