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    Hope you're well.

    I've been with ShareASale for some time but haven't been all that active.

    Just started my first ever ppc campaign using Adwords and Google Analytics.

    I would like to get as much information as possible about each sale, in order to adjust bids etc.

    How do I go about it?

    Many thanks +_+

    axel g

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    You are on the right track if your using Google Analytics as a way to track data and analyze your traffic. With Analytics your not guessing how successful your campaigns are. You can see what works and continue to build out campaigns that convert buyers rather than spending more time on dead campaigns that dont produce sales.

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    axel - I would start with Google's learning center. They provide quite a bit of basic information to help get started. Just search 'Adwords Learning Center'

    Also, check here for some more info from Google.

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    Look at a few things.

    in SAS, look at the EPC.

    Then go on the merchant's website, if it looks like it was put up in 1995 and does not convert, that should ring a bell.

    Also look for things like, does it have a 1-800 # in BOLD and BLINKING on every page as people who call in, you do not get any commission.

    Don't forget to checkout the commission % that the merchants pays out.

    Here is a simple math:
    (Clicks X Cost/click) = Your hard Cost
    (Purchases / Web visits) * 100 = Web conversion rate (%)
    Website conversion rate (%) X Avg order size X Merchant commission = YOUR COMMISSION

    You want to have YOUR COST < YOUR COMMISSION

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    Many thanks for taking the time to help out.

    Most appreciated +_+

    Axel G

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