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    PS Features
    Looking for feed back on the listed features below. Maybe some basic info as to why someone would want it etc...

    -Create SEO rules to enhance product descriptions
    -Create your custom CSS for storefronts
    -Organize your storefronts with folders (BETA)
    -Hand-pick products for RSS and XML feeds
    -Manage unlimited affiliate IDs with profiles
    -Access PopShops RESTful API with powerful search filters on price, brands, stores, categories, and more. (See some sample scripts & screencast.)
    -Generate a flat CSV data feed of deals, coupons, hot products, free-shipping, and more

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    Can't answer all of them but for these two:
    -Create SEO rules to enhance product descriptions
    Some merchants put junk in their feeds and to remove every instance of it from showing up on your site you create a rule -or- to make your product descriptions more unique, create a rule.

    -Create your custom CSS for storefronts
    Some merchants have really weird image sizes and to have more control you need to customize the css - or -If you prefer to have complete control over the appearance of the shop you write your own css. PS offers a lot of options in their own css, but it is hard to cover every possibility that you might want to control.

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