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    Just read an interesting article in the New York Times. US Justice Department is quietly going after American companies that PROMOTE or ADVERTISE for these off-shore online casinos. The effort is working, apparently, at least for now, as several big name off-line publishers no longer advertise for these casinos.

    Is an attack on web publishers - big or small - next?? I don't promote online gambling on my sites. And after reading this article, makes me think that staying out of this segment might be a good idea over the longer term - who wants to deal with Justice Department??

    Read the full article at:

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    I pulled all of them from my sites and some client sites 2 years ago. The moment I saw Casino's were the #2 group spending in total online Ad budgets I knew it was the e-mail spammers choice, and likely to get closed down due to off-shore crookery.
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