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    eBay Denied My Business Model? WTF!
    I received an E-mail from eBay stating that the denied my business model. I have no idea why. All I use EPN for is on a single site that is mostly about my hobby (antiques). I buy and sell antiques but rarely discuss this on the site. My site outlines the main brand of antiques I buy and sell, with a little info on appraisals. I do nothing other then monetize this site with some eBay ads. The revenue is very small, around $20 a month. But that's $20 lost because eBay does not like my hobby? My god its not even a real business - it's just my hobby site!

    Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on what I should do?

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    You're not alone. Check this thread:

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    Thanks Zeus. That thread is about being banned though. I have not been banned, but my business model is not approved. Two different things I think, but could be wrong. Not sure?!?!

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    They use fancy wording to hide their incompetence, but the result is the same.

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    Did you submit the "Business Models Application" form?

    After being with EPN since they launched, a few weeks ago I received both an email and an internal message telling me I had to submit this for my "business model" I did a little research and it seemed this was only needed for incentive sites, membership sites, email marketers, etc. - none of which were "business models I use", but I submitted the form telling them I have only regular content sites with affiliate links, and a couple of blogs on which I do not promote eBay, and a few days later I received an approval.

    Did you receive the same email and not respond?
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    You could always say you use the EBAY business model ... the slow road to bankruptcy. Seem California is using EBAY to auction off cars and other state
    property to raise money ... I wonder who is the affiliate? Could it be Arnold?

    Arnold is no dummy ... but I wonder does the state of California have a business
    model? Given the state of the economy there, it need a big overhaul.

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