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    September 27th, 2008
    PHP Error
    I've got the enterprise version set for showing my site as the site in the links in stead of popshops.

    I'm using the PHP pop it version and running PHP 5.2.9

    The items displays correctly and the redirection works, but I get the following error at the top of the page:

    Notice: Undefined index: psps_product

    If I turn the error checking off with error_reporting(0);, will it break anything with the way popshops works?


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    September 27th, 2008
    I answered my own question.

    Turning off the error reporting breaks the redirection for some reason.

    Anybody know why I might be seeing this error?


    Turns out if I place the error function at the beginning,
     <?php error_reporting(0); ob_start(); ?>
    the redirect works. I'll wait now to see if the clicks actually registered.

    If the clicks registered, would it be safe to assume that sales will register correctly?
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