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    WM-IndexLabel and inserting blanks
    I am having a challenge with WM-IndexLabel. When using it as instructed, within the WM-Record, it works great but creates blank lines, sometimes thousands of them, throughout the page. This bloats the page too much.

    Help files mention putting it before the [WM-Record] in the code so it doesn't give you blank cells but no example to ensure proper use. I tried enclosing the [WM-Record] within the [WM-IndexLabel] and it didn't filter/change as it should. Can anyone provide a proper use of this to not create empty cells or lines?

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    This has come up before, so I've added a note to our WebMerge FAQ for this:
    Richard Gaskin
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    Any chance someone can explain how to use the IndexLabel function a bit more clearly? The documentation seems a bit limited.

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