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    Angry COREL Lowering Commissions From 14% to 10%!
    I was shocked to receive the following email from Corel informing me that they were lowering their commission payout from 14% to 10%. The spelling errors are Corel's, not mine:

    "Starting Next Month your commission on software will be based on your sales from the month previous.

    The tiers are:
    Under $1000 in total monlty sales - 10% commission on software
    $1,001 to $5,000 in total monlty sales 17.5% commission on software
    $5,001 to $10,000 in total monlty sales 22.5% commission on sofware
    over $10,000 in total montly sales - Negotiated

    We will pay 1% on the small selection of hardware we sell (examples wacom tablets, ColorMunki's) and 2% on hardware/software bundles (example Painter Wacom Tablet bundle)"

    I'm so used to vendors upping their affiliate payouts and cookie life, not lowering. Is this a sign of how bad the economy is or are they shooting themselves in the foot?

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    If you do over $1k a month in sales, the commission has been substantially raised...

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    I've been on that scale since I joined in July. So, this may just be bringing older affiliates onto a consolidated payment plan.

    It does look like they are rewarding more active affiliates with higher payouts.
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