Hi All,

I'm wondering how many affiliates/merchants have experienced any success with collecting demographics data (i.e. gender) for the purpose of segmenting the messaging on pitch pages.

I'm launching a new ClickBank product next week in the Money & Employment category, and I'm wondering how much affiliates would be able to benefit from creative that is narrowed down to say a pitch for men and one for women. While many of the key purchase decision drivers are oftentimes shared, there's always that little spin you can put on a marketing message to make it stick better if only you knew more about the prospect.

In my 12+ years of technology marketing, I can't recall how many times I've had to choose the "mediocre middle" path with the campaign creative, simply because there wasn't enough data available on the audience segmentation.

When I have total control over a campaign, I personally always try to collect as many details as I can, that will allow me to build up the visitor's profile. This information has proven to be invaluable in doing effective trigger-based marketing as part of an overall lead nurturing program. Converting somebody on the first touch is hard enough, but doing it with a less than a perfect message stacks up the odds even worse.

While I'll always endeavor to segment my messages, the question I have is how many affiliates out there would be able to use variants of a pitch page, and if so, for which specific segments (assuming the category is: making money online).


Evodio Walle