This may not be the perfect section to post this but wasn't sure where else would be appropriate.

I am doing some Social Bookmarking on Neurolinker, I bookmark member sites and community reciprocates. This morning when my wife was doing this she started getting all the URLS Neurolinker provides redirected from the one give to a financial help site. On top of this all our delicious bookmarks were showing the same redirect.

I checked with Neurolinker and they were not able to recreate the issue on their system or by logging into my account, it only seems to be on the two computers at my home office. I happens on all types of browsers including IE, FF and Chrome. I have totally shutdown my computers and router and this is not helping. My personal bookmarks are not affected only ones through Neurolinker.

We have run Spybots and McAfee and nothing was found.

Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this problem?