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    Am I getting ripped off??
    In the 'Understanding how affiliates use adware thread' donuts said:

    Originally Posted by Donuts
    So is ClickBank, they are rife with fraud and their policing efforts (compared to other networks), rank among the very worst. Their merchants are uninformed about the cheating tactics, so they think that sales being reported from these poaching techniques, like toolbars, are "good" things. You'd be well served to work with merchants that have learned to recognize and reward value - they aren't at ClickBank.

    I currently use ClickBank, can I ask how you know this? I just applied to SAS and AvantLink due to the information I've recently gotten from this forum--I felt that I needed to expand and try some other affiliate networks, plus I've been kind of suspicious about CB for a while now because my sales will fluctuate SO wildly with no change in the quality or quantity of traffic (or the merchant's landing page, or anything else for that matter). What happens is that when I start promoting a new CB product or I suddenly get a page/site that's promoting a CB product ranking well in Google I'll get a quick initial spurt in sales (like 2 in one day, then 1 the next, 1 the next) and then it'll just go dead, and I'll get one sale every couple of weeks or so from then on out. This also happened when I switched over from the old unencrypted CB links to the new encrypted ones--I saw an immediate spurt of sales for a few days in several products that I changed the links for, then nada. VERY weird.

    Do people here see their sales fluctuate like this with other products in other networks? I've never used any network other than CB, is why I ask, and it seems odd to me. CB sales have always been this way, very erratic and inconsistent even when all other factors (quality/quantity of traffic, google rankings, merchant landing pages, the page I've got the affiliate link on, etc.) remain the same. What I mean is: will you see wild fluctuations in sales--like, 4 or 5 in a week or 7 or 8 in two weeks--then nothing for a month, then one or two, then nothing for two weeks, then one sale, then nothing for a couple weeks, then two the next week, etc. In short, I'll see a half dozen sales over a one week period, and then the same number of sales over the next 2 or 3 MONTHS. This is what I get with CB stuff, and it just seemed rather odd to me.

    I picked SAS and AvantLink because they came in first and second, respectably, in the 2008 survey, plus SAS seems to get a LOT of good press around here, with a few people mentioning AvantLink as a solid up-and-comer.

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    Help? Please?

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    You are asking a question about a post that was posted a few years ago by a person who is no longer participating on ABW. No one can answer that question but the OP so you are not too likely to get an answer. I would suggest that you continue reading until things become more clear as to what was being discussed in the post you are asking about.

    Questions about CB are best answered by others who use CB, not too many of those folks are at ABW. Being "ripped off" happens and without distinction.

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    Check out to interact with those that use CB a lot. I used to have a product on CB but found affiliates copying and scraping my whole site as their own. I found that I made more by giving the product away and putting some contextual ads on my pages - and I did not have to deal with the content thieves.
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