Exotissimo Travel is offering new and existing affiliates the opportunity to increase your earning potential and give you an incentive to place our links in key positions on your website.

In exchange for NEW or additional placement on your site's homepage or the most relevant category page, we will give you an extra $7 bonus on every 5th lead you generate for us through-out the months of September and October.

Incentive Participation Details:

1. After you have signed-up, email Patrick at patrick.goodfellow@exotissimo.com with the URL's of where you intend to place our new links.
2. Second, after you have added the links to your site, again drop Patrick a quick email with the URL details.
3. To qualify you need to place Banners or Content, or a combination of Content & Banners on your homepage or most relevant ( e.g. SE Asia focussed) high traffic category.
4. This is only open to website owners, not PPC Marketeers ( we will have a new competition coming for you very soon). As a reminder, below is the current commission structure:

  • 0-10 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $6.50
  • 11-30 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $10
  • 31-50 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $12
  • 50+ Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $14
So based on the above and once you have confirmed your participation in our incentive, you will earn $39.50 for every 5 valid leads generated ($6.50 x 5 + $7= $39.50).

For more details on the program, click here.