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    Question Internal LS Mail / Bad AMs?

    Has anyone been getting a ton of internal linkshare mail thats not suppose to be for you ?

    Lately its been happening alot on my account, I will login and see multiple mails all with the same title .. but with different names and different companys ..

    Basically .. it appears that AMs are bad @ using LS internal mail and they are trying to send personal mails to the "Super affiliate" type of sites but are sending em out into a distro group or something?
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    I thought it was just me. I get these at least once or twice a week, today was a slow day, only about a half a dozen from one merchant. Last week I received over 60 messages from one merchant and about twenty from another.

    My guess is that there's a problem with the LS internal mail system (what a surprise) since I've received these messages from a variety of merchants.

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