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    Internet marketing reporting tool
    Hi, Any anyone tell me which is the best internet marketing reporting tool available? I use custom tools and clients are happy with the reports. But I would like to check out some good ready to use reporting tools. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    It's impossible for anyone to offer meaningful advice without knowing more about the specific requirements and data to be analyzed & reported.

    At SES-San Jose last month, I found very few tools that could effectively merge data from multiple sources. Most relied primarily on data pulled from Google/Yahoo/MS, and often from server log files - but few claimed the ability to bring in data from affiliate networks or from a client's own back-end (sales data including cancellations) -- and the few tools claiming these "capabilities" made clear that the integration cost would be significant.

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    He's just spamming, he just forgot to put in a link like he's done elsewhere.

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