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    Hi my friends on ABW,

    I wanna share my experiences with you about the Stubhub affiliate program on CJ.

    The day before yesterday, I suddenly received one warning notification letter from CJ told me that I violated the term of Stubhub that I posted "out-dated" contents on my website and I must removed all contents otherwise my account will be deleted from CJ. I was shocked by this email. I've been an affiliate on CJ for over 2 years and this is my first time of receiving such warning letter.

    After got this email, I removed all Stubhub related contents on my website immediately, I can promise that I did not intentionally to "keep" the "out-dated" contents on my website. Then I logged in CJ and found I generated over $7000 sales for Stubhub. I don't know why did StubHub AM want to make the complaint first on CJ? If you drop me an email, I can also response you within 12 hours!

    I know most of the AMs are very busy, BUT, it might be easier for them to make a complaint through CJ than simply drop me an notification email first?

    Not all of the AMs will do like this, I also met some very nice AMs on CJ. They will write to me first than make a complaint through CJ. I think all destination is the same: to solve the existed issues. We affiliates are not easy to make a living. Please be more patient to us.

    Hope this can give you some ideas on keeping the relationship with your advertisers.


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    I am not familiar with stubhub, but if i get this right you had outdated info on your site, but it was probably old links right? so why were they still getting commission? CJ pisses me off sometimes, they have a almighty look at me.... I have seen this before and it was very simple for me, update my site, find a new merchant in a different network, if they think they are the only network with the only program out there..... $7k in sales and a violating tos letter, just sounds to me like they don't want to pay ya and want a way out.....
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    Do a search here for stubhub. You'll see they reversed all affiliate commission a while back and will no longer pay for sales generated through natural search results.

    We all got rid of them.

    Here's the thread I'm talking about.

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    Thanks for BurgerBoy and snappy's reply!

    After reading through the thread BurgerBoy just mentioned, I've decided to end the partnership with Stubhub.

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