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    note: Flame War starting
    I set up a trial domain a year ago where I downloaded some datafeeds and simply made thin pages - one per datafeed record using the text/picture/URL provided in the data feed to make the page - a classic case of Newbie action.

    Initially, Google ignored me - then Google botted me heavily - and finally Google indexed me. My super thin site keywords have located me on the first page for Google, just below the merchant and I make $50/day from this site.

    The other thing I notice is that no where in the first 5 Google pages do I see the same text as mine.

    Not that I am encouraging followers but I am surprised.


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    lucky niche find . . . shhhhhhhh

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    Sometimes Google love comes and goes. I hope it stays for you.

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    I don't know if such a site is automatically "thin". It all depends on what is in that datafeed and who else (if any) runs that feed. If each page contains only a small line of unique text, then yes, it will invoke a duplicate site-wide page penalty since the unique text is dominated by the common page content. Also, if others are running the feed, then it is duplicate content.

    I plan on starting a new site soon using my own datafeed and MySQL. It allows me to create my own custom search-able site. And it will be unique and feature the same content as if I were to build the site a page at a time. Just better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Powell
    Sometimes Google love comes and goes. I hope it stays for you.
    Amen! -

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