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    Copying Links
    Hey guys, I have a newbie question I'm kinda embarrased about asking..

    Can I copy affiliate links instead of generating a new one each time. Lets say I have a good page of ads setup, can I copy those ads to another page or do I have to go through CJ and create new ones everytime. Would it mess something up if I have the same tracking number on various ads around my site?

    thanks in advance.


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    It's ok.

    You can use the same link on more than one page.

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    great! thats a relief thanks for the quick response.

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    Never be embarrased about asking a question!! We all had to ask some time, the great thing about ABW is that the members will give you honest answers all the time.

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    As far as I know, you should be fine. The only reason that it wouldn't be ok would be personal reasons for you. For example, I publish links on a site, and now my boss wants to start working on an e-mail program featuring merchant links. While it would be ok for me to use the same links, I set up another channel under CJ so I could get another PID. This way, we can track hits from the website separately from hits from the e-mails. But this is our personal choice for tracking purposes.

    As has been said, don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm sure I've asked some pretty noob q's, but we all have to start somewhere. Besides, better to ask than to simply assume you know the answer.

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    Don't be embarrassed!!! When I recently just started out, i didn't know wht a html was and still don't know whats the difference between java and html besides the name is spelled differently........
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    Thanks guys I always try to reseach as much as possible before posting. Sometimes its hard to find the answers you need. I really appreciate the help, this forum seems much more friendly and helpful than others I have visited.

    Brett, thnx for the advice. I haven't really been using the channels in CJ. I've just been keeping it very basic for now. Definitely 1 more thing added on the to do list. I'm also trying to figure out the tracking channels for Google adsense, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

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    Copying links throughout the site is something more of us should do.

    Matter of fact, I'll spend some time adding links to my showcases today!

    Glad you brought it up.

    Such a simple means of promotion that gets overlooked when you are as lazy as I am.

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    yeah pity okay matter you generate each time a different link or you using a same link

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