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    Smile Advice Needed.. Please
    Hello Everyone,

    My first post..

    I have spend the last two days flat out reading posts on this forum and its been a breath of fresh air as i had previously been sifting through ebook offers and other get rich quick sites. Ive read quality threads likeThe Magic Bullet Thread by loxly(thanks )
    I had been working in an office for two years after getting out of college and now the credit crunch kicked in and was let go. I have a background in computers and would have medium knowledge of seo techniques.

    I have now turned my attention to affiliate marketing as (hopefully) a new source of income. I have developed websites before and marketed them with good results but none of them have been created with the view of making money. But this is going to change i hope!!

    Right i better stop waffling and ask a question!
    From browsing a few ebooks like googlecash and so forth i have come to the conclusion that my starting point is to create a site in a niche market that iam interested in and then sell maybe adsence adds or affiliate banner adds on the site.

    I have already decided on the domain name of have lots of ideas for content. Im from Ireland and i was thinking about just creating content thats relevant to this country. Is that narrowing my traffic numbers? is it a bad idea? Its just that the content i can create would be more specific to Irish customers?

    So just to recap on main question really.. Is my first step to just develop a niche site and sell adsence adds on it? Is this the best starting point for a noob like me?

    Thanks in advance for any advice and also for the quality content on this forum everyone seems so helpful and its SPAM free.


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    Hi Luke, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    Not really sure by your terminology "sell" Asense ads and affiliate banners on your site. I assume you mean "display" Adsense ads and affiliate banners.

    But, the bottom line is that it is a major mistake to build a site with the idea of using it to promote Adsense. Adsense can be well used as an additional revenue source on a solidly-built affiliate site, but to build a site to promote Adsense is a mistake for many reasons.

    Find products that relate to your niche, and incorporate them into your content. Use your content to promote these products, with product text and image links. You can use banners sparingly for merchants that have related products, along with one or maybe two Adsense units per page.

    Once you get some visitor activity, you will do a lot better displaying products than Adsense, and it is a fact of internet marketing life that product displays do better than banners.

    If you build a site based on displaying Adsense, especially if you use Adwords to get visitors, it is possible to get banned by Adsense, and if so, it is virtually impossible to ever get reinstated.

    Finally, marketing to Ireland sounds like a good starting point, just make sure that the merchants whose products you display (and whose banners you display) ship to Ireland. You may be surprised to find that a fairly large number of your visitors end up being from other countries, but who have an interest in Irish lore, information, products, etc.

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    Ok Thanks Affiliate Hound for your reply,

    Yes i did mean display adsence and affiliate banners. Ok well i might have to totally rethink my strategy. The problem is.. the kind of site i was going to promote was a service based industy and was heavily based on promoting company's services. I doubt any of these a signed to to an affiliate company as from my research most companies in this industry rely heavily on adwords. The company i left spend around 600 a month on adwords in this area of business.

    The plan was to write about the industry, the services available and what different company's were up too and then display adsence adds more than likely from those company's though out the site.

    I was hoping once the site got established i could review different companies services and then sell them a banners on that page for a nominal fee..

    Is this approach doomed?

    See the thing is that i feel i could probably create good content for this market as i have knowledge of it. And i have noticed from lots of posts on this site that you need to be creating content on a subject you are interested in..

    I don't really have any products in mind of high value that i could sell..

    Thanks alot for you input it really jogs ideas in my mind.


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