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    Dear Upromise and Ebates....
    While it has been a process to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing(which I am not saying that I know everything) there is one step as an AM that I am feeling it is time to do. Goodbye Upromise and Ebates. Tough letting go of those sales but my hope and dream is that a decent percent of those will still make it through our legit affiliates. Yes, it has taken a little bit but I can no longer in good conscious continue to allow them to taint the affiliate world and be an enabler.
    I have received messages already from the network asking me why we ended it. Still formulating a nice response.
    Anyone else care to share their experience with this process? Thanks.

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    Your first paragraph could serve as your "nice response."

    Bravo for taking the high road.
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    I told the networks exactly why we were dropping those folks and although not happy, they had no choice but to live with our decision. We added "no software downloads, popup reminders, etc" to our TOS.

    They did come back and argue that the software accounts for "insert very low percentage here". We said that when you are no longer using it, AND it has been removed from computers where it was installed, we would talk again.

    Interestingly, one network in particular took *several* months to "approve" our changed TOS. We ditched the affs anyways.
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    heh...they are persistent buggers aren't they. I even had them approach me through another networks representation.

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    I recently got an email from some merchant (can't remember which), bragging on upromise for winning their sales contest.

    And then there's the people who say that toolbars, etc. accounting for only a tiny % of sales. Well, then I guess you would'nt miss much from dumping them then?

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    Here's why I love the small part of sales thing. With other toolbar Affiliates, the Affiliate will pay sometimes around $20 per download for their toolbar, even if they don't have a site. If they are willing to pay that per download, even $5 or $10 to download the thing, trust me, they are making money off of it and it is probably substantial. Some of the run their toolbar on other networks (Mainly CPA) as a program on their own. I don't buy it that toolbar and adware sales are a small part of what they send. Then again, there are also Affiliates that are huge before they add in a toolbar....just my opinion that most don't send many sales without their adware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollerblader
    ....just my opinion that most don't send many sales without their adware.
    Agreed, if their toolbar sales were as insignificant as they claim there wouldn't be as much reluctance to eliminate the toolbars. But why would we expect them to be honest...about that?

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    PDX - Good move- sorry I didn't see this until now. Cleaning up my last program was the best thing I ever did - did we lose sales when we first dropped Upromise, ebates, mypoints etc.? - sure we did, BUT - we saw sales increase tremendously (beating out what the parasitic affiliates were doing)after cleaning up our program.

    We had to push back on the networks quite a bit because with every new account team / industry event we were being approached by them saying what a great partner Upromise and clan can be. After numerous explanations that it's not going to happen (and specific details on why not), they finally let up and stopped asking. Just be honest about why you're dropping them and stand your ground.

    I hope you've seen the increase in sales in your program - congrats on running a clean program!
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