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    Will GAN Become a 3rd Party Network on Adsense?
    I haven't seen this discussed anywhere and was wondering what direction you think that Google is taking with GAN.

    It seems a bit logical to me that with Google opening Adsense up to 3rd party networks and requiring publishers to have an Adsense account, that GAN will somehow be transitioned into Adsense.

    Adsense said they would be adding more and more advertisers as time goes by. With the large amount of Merchants they have access to on GAN, why wouldn't they try to move them to a new type of platform within Adsense?

    What do you think?
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    Traditional affiliate marketing is under assault from a number of different directions: regulation from feds, new state tax laws, trademark poachers, 'software' affiliates, blackhats, etc.

    So big co.s like google and ebay might figure that pushing (or shoving) people towards a ppc model might sidestep some of these issues.

    They also get more control over the situation. Instead of having to pay a predetermined amount per sale, this way they can just pay what they think the publisher is worth- or whatever they feel like.

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