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    Somehow it seems that one of my e-mail addresses has been targeted for virus attachments like almost everyday. Just about everyday or every other day I get a stupid e-mail with an attachment called deletedo.txt. Now this is a pain, but I just delete it. However, I just received one from the customer service e-mail of a website. How is this so? Did they get the virus and it auto forwarded to me, and if so... how did they get my address? It's just nuts. I use outlook and don't download the attachments, I just view what the file is called. Does anyone have any clues on things like this to help shed some light on this subject?
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    Simple.. someone you know has the virus and it's using all sorts of clever tricks to infect you. The From: address is trivially easy to fake.

    What you could do is look at the FULL email headers, find the originating IP address and then search your mailbox to see if you can find the same IP address or one close to it - that will most likely be the person with the infected PC.
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