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    From 90 to 365 Return days - Marketing Angle, Less commission?
    Got this for a OnlineShoes via email. They used to have a 90 day return, now, it is 365 days.

    I applaud the angle to be more competitive and go after zappo (amazon), and also as a marketing pitch to provide customer service.

    So will this sudden increase mean, less commission. Where is the optimum point for affiliates to make more $?

    Dear Affiliates

    Effective today, September 10th, we will be changing our return policy from a 90-day unconditional guarantee to a 365-day return policy. If you have any copy that references our return policy, please make sure your site reflects the change!

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the affiliate program.


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    I've seen studies that say the number of returns go DOWN when the period of time that you can return things goes up. It seems counterintuitive, but I think many people will say "oh, I'll just keep using it until the end of the return period" and the further away that is, the more likely they'll forget.

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    agreed. I got the same e-mail, and I think it's a good move. I think that since they're not as large of a name, it may give some people a little more reassurance to shop with them. Hopefully this will help boost their sales (and our commissions).

    In addition, I think what Michael wrote above is true. It's kind of like a previous job I had where I had to commute an hour, but was always on time, while people who lived 5 minutes away were constantly late to work. They procrastinated leaving figuring "oh, it's right there" while I had to make a conscious effort to leave on time. When people have 365 days to return something, they are more apt to put it off.

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