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    I have seen a few affiliate sites practicing this but I am not sure if that is acceptable and if it is okay with merchants.

    Lets say you search for a keyphrase in the search engine then you click on the results which takes you to an affiliate's site, before you know it, the merchant's site pops under and you may not notice it.

    If the visitor or surfer then clicks on the next site in the results then visits the merchant's site who gets the sale with the old page of the merchant still open on the visitor's computer?

    This is so confusing.

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    Around here it's usually frown upon. It's usually referred to as a "trick-for-click" because you trick the customer into eating the cookie. As always the last to set the cookie is the one to get credit. Usually that is, I vaguely remember someone mentioning that some networks can prevent cookies from being overwritten on an individual affiliate basis. I can't remember which network. And can't do a search right now to find it either. I agree it is confusing, discourging and down right a pain in the ass.
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    Girlie, like Buddha said, this is a practice by sleezy desperate affiliates seeking to undermine this industry. It benefits no one but themselves and leads the SERPs to look down on all affiliates as a group of money hungry beggars.
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    Linkshare doesn't allow this.

    Here is a part of my post from another thread.


    I gave Sarah from Linkshare the example like:

    If a you were at a site, and without any action from you, a window with the merchants site in it popped up, would that be allowed?

    Her reply was:

    "As described the action would be violative of our membership agreement, and we will take action if, based on our investigation, we confirm that any LinkShare Merchants are affected by this."

    So it is not allowed by anyone using Linkshare links to link to a merchant to open up a window like that.
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