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    Category Structure
    This might be something very simple, right in front of me or maybe I need a plugin. I want a setup something like a regular site. And I'm just using the below as an example.

    Lets say I want 2 different Categories and I don't want them to be named Categories but something else so I rename Categories. Let's use Artists and Movie Directors.

    So in the Sidebar I want


    Movie Directors
    Stanley Kubrick
    Martin Scorsese

    So let's say I click on Monet. That would go to the Monet Category page and there could be links to posts I made. One could be to a page about Monet with some general info about Monet and other posts would be about Monet's works.

    How do you setup something like that up. Under Appearance - Widgets, I put 2 Category Widgets to the Sidebar and renamed the titles to Artists and Movie Directors but if I make a post about Monet it'll go under both Artist and Movie Directors.

    I guess I need a Category plugin or something where I can go into the Widget area and can go to Category Widget 1 and pick which categories I want to show up and then to Category Widget 2 and do the same.

    Or is there another way?


    Found a plugin - Extended Category Widget (AVH Extended Categories)

    Was right in front of me, not sure how I missed it. Maybe I should work when I'm awake, that might help.
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