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    I'm not sure if this belongs here or if it would be better in the search engines forum.

    I have live help running on my site and with it you get the most awesome stats an affiliate could ask for. You get to see exactly who came from where and what they are looking for. You also see where they end up on your site and what they find.

    The problem is with Google or any search engine for that matter. What they do is they take a query and match it with words on your page. The problem is they take words from through out the page and match it. I had a customer looking for motorcycle wallpaper borders and because I had one thing saying motorcycles and another product saying wallpaper borders google sent them my way. I don't have any product like that.

    I noticed that 9 times out of ten this is the case with my vistors. I imagine they leave in frustration. I also imagine this is the case with most of us affiliates. This would explain high traffic and low sales. My customers are coming to my site to buy but they aren't finding what they want. I show ten products per page and I guess I could lower that amount or only show one product but I don't like to do that for numerous reason including the fact that I would still like to get this traffic but want to make sales with them.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? Even if it's rediculous I'd like to hear it. One idea I am pondering is a multi-merchant search could be created by the networks. What are your ideas and do you think you might be having the same problem?

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    Occasionally I have gotten enough "errant" searches for the same thing that I have actually gone out and found a merchant who has the item!

    If I can't find one, I try to change the page so both items don't show up in the manner that's drawing the misdirected traffic. Usually that means rewording an outbound link because that's what causes most of these incorrect SE listings for me, since I tend to list only one product on a detail page.

    Section indexes can be problematic since so many products are mentioned on them, but usually the SEs manage to figure those out for some reason.

    The other times I get misdirected searchers is when Google doesn't realize the word "free" on my page refers to the shipping and not the actual product! In the most extreme instance, I had to use synonyms for "free" (no-cost, $0, etc.) and stop using the word "free" anywhere on the page before Google stopped sending the dud traffic. I wanted to ditch that traffic since there was no AdSense then, and all those people futilly trying to get that $100+ item for free were just messing up my EPC!

    Fortunately, there are not nearly so many people looking for "free" of the other things I'm promoting so I haven't had to rewrite any more pages for that particular term, although I do get the occasional overly-hopeful visitor to pages which still use the common description of "free shipping."
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    It's a problem we all face.

    One interesting solution I saw that I'm pretty sure was presented to the consortium a while back was the concept of supporting a new metatag for something like a disallow_keywords statement.

    It's not a perfect solution and who knows what SE's would support it but right now you are just plain SOL. Even if it was supported, it sounds like you're using a datafeed so building the disallow text dynamically would be next to impossible which is not necessarily the case for building meta tag keywords though .

    I'll be very nice and throw a tidbit from one of my templates that I use with my generator:

    <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="[PrimaryCat], ^Make_Keywords([PrimaryCat])^, [Brand], ^Make_Keywords([ProdName])^, Make_Keywords(^Replace([ProdName]^[Brand]^)^)^, Make_Keywords([ShortDesc])^">

    I could just as well do this:
    <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="^Make_Keywords([PrimaryCat],[Brand],[ProdName],[ShortDesc])^">

    My function limits the instance of a word to a single occurance in a single Make_Keywords call. So sometimes, it's better to have multiple calls yet limit the overall number of times a word will be repeated. My function also references an exclude file so that I can go in and eliminate BS words like "this", "that", "do" "if", "*", ",", "!",
    ".", etc etc etc. The function eliminates the fields as needed, converts all double spaces to a single space and then converts single spaces to a comma so that you end up with a well formed keyword list.

    OK - off topic a bit but related sorta cause I'll bet there is much more than one person in here is missing out on this opportunity .

    I do agree that consumers frequently get mislead concerning product matches that the search engines provide them which can contribute to low clicks per unique visitor and lower conversions. The only real solution for this is to - eliminate your dependency on search engines!

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    It is my experience that the high converters are using ONE product specific pages or product sepecific domains on a seperate IP with very limited desc & KW tags and targeted titles.

    Surfer looks, finds and buys.

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    Adam that has been my experience as well. A one product page does much better than multiple. Unfortunately, It is too difficult for navigation purposes to only list one per page on a site with two million products broken down by category. Also like I said I do still want this traffic but am looking for a solution to sell to them not a way to eliminate them.

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