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    Thumbs up Trademark Bid Monitoring Tool
    David Clark has been working hard behind the scenes on new technology that gives our merchants multi-network Trademark monitoring for a default, as well as a self-configured list of protected keywords. Introducing the Paid Search Review tool, now available as a merchant tool within the acct management interface.

    The Paid Search Review tool identifies rogue Affiliate PPC bidding for other Affiliate networks, in addition to AvantLink!

    By default, we will monitor the merchant's name and domain name as an enforcement mechanism for our terms of use clause that prohibits trademark bidding by Affiliates. For example "Tahoe Mountain Sports" and "" would be flagged for watch by default. Additionally this retailer could add other protected keywords as well.

    Keyword watch list monitoring/results are provided as a standard reporting option within the network interface. Merchants, just look for the "Paid Search Review" option in the report form drop down, a long with Performance Summaries, Click Through Details, etc.

    Here is a quote from Scott Kalbach in the PRWeb distribution this morning..
    "One of the major business issues we find ourselves battling every day at, is the problem generally referred to as Trademark Bidding," says Scott Kalbach, founder and CEO of AvantLink. "We have a policy that prohibits this activity, and we enforce it. However enforcement has become increasingly difficult. This tool will assist us, and our merchants, in more robust brand protection and Affiliate terms of use compliance."
    Blog: Trademark Bid Monitoring Service Available

    Let us know what you think. Gary M

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    Added note/forgot to mention:

    Merchants, You can access the Paid Search Review configuration, ie, set up your keyword watch list, by clicking on "Account" on the main menu, then "Notification Center".

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    This is good stuff and already nailed a trademark poacher from another network with it!

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    Another example of how AvantLink is pushing technology for us as merchants as well as protecting the good affiliates out there. Thanks!
    Mark McKnight

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