Hi all,

We are currently building a dutch comparison website (think about pricegrabber.com for example), but run into a few problems with data feeds. I've red a lot on this forum but I don't know where to start. I hope my english is readable

With my website I can import and export a xml feed. I've registered to a lot of dutch affiliate networks and shops and most of the shops have a own datafeed.

I think I need a script to add all the shops from all the different affiliate networks to my 'master feed' right? I want to build my website product by product so how does this work? Do I have to manually add all the shops that has the product or does this go on auto pilot? All the names of the products are different per shop so I think I need the EAN number right?

How does the update of prices work? Should we check it manually or is there a way to do this automatically?

Are there any good scripts for dutch affiliate networks out there? I am willing to pay for a good script.

I think we're gonna use 150 webshops so the 'master feed' is going to be very huge right? Do I have to split the feed per category or can I have one big 'master feed'? I think it look like this (without details):

article number | shop 1 | shop 1 price | shop 2 | shop 2 price | etc

Please who can help me a step further with this. I really checked all the information on this forum but I have so many questions. I'm looking for a detailed step-by-step description. How does pricegrabber this for example?

Thanks so much,