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    Adobe Buys Omniture
    I just got a flood of Tweets regarding Omniture's agreement to be acquired for $1.8 Billion by Adobe.

    At first, this confused me, but then I realized the key: both companies offer web tools widely used by large companies. Their internal sales staffs are targeting the same customers.

    Note that Omniture stores immense amounts of critical analytical data for hundreds of very large online merchants and marketers (including some large agencies). If Adobe were to peek at that data, it could gain incredible insight and quite probably crush some of its competitors who use the Omniture service.

    For those who don't know: Omniture is an enterprise-level web-analytics solution (you don't even get to talk to them unless you're ready to spend $3,000 to $5,000 per month for the entry-level service, not counting integration services and add-ons).

    Adobe, of course, sells software used by web developers and graphic designers, including PhotoShop and DreamWeaver. Adobe has a long history of acquiring companies whose products and services challenge its market share.
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    Joke: Adobe has competition?

    But this is probably just the first part of the buying from Adobe. The data is good but they need a more web savvy portal to make it really work and help push Adobe products to make them even more ubiquitous.

    Maybe they want this data to help them decide what to but next?

    Let Yahoo flounder a while more and if MS does not want it they step in.

    Or Ask or something. Ask and all it's articles could be a real good place to push content and place ads for Adobe....

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