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    Just looking at my leads for ebay for this month and I see I have either New, Extended and Accepted for ones that came through just the last few days. I thought they were not accepted until at least the next month. Can someone explain to me how this works now that CJ has changed their reporting method?

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    I'm pretty sure that this was the same way before the recent changes that CJ made. I'm not quite sure how this works either, I just know that some leads are immediately extended while others are accepted (which I assume means that it can still be either extended or locked). At least I can still be sure that my nickels won't be extended or reversed.

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    ebay started this a month or so ago, and explained it then by saying that if a person registers and bids on the same day, then it is accepted at the end of that day.

    otherwise it's extended

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    I've noticed eBay registrations and bids achieve "accepted" status within a few minutes of the transaction. I don't know how the new CJ downgrade will affect this though.


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    Mine have been showing up as "New" on the day they happen, but sometime the next day are changed to either "Extended" or "Accepted."

    I think this is really great of ebay to go ahead and accept the ones they know have completed the process immediately. It's a lot nicer not to have to wait the extra month for payment.

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