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    Advetiser Compensation - Can it be varried in a single campaign?
    Hi there,

    Is is possible in CJ--or in another network for that matter--for an Advertiser to create a varied compensation model?

    For example, if the affiliate provides 5 CPA deals the commission is $10, and if it's 10 CPA deals then the commission is $15?

    Is there any sort of flexibility such as this on any campaign parameter?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi R,

    You can add what is called a Performance Incentive in CJ. When you set up the program terms, it will ask you if you want to create one. For example, we pay 6% base commission, but the percentage is raised if an affiliate brings in a certain dollar amount in revenue per month.

    Hope that answers your question...
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    Thanks Amanda!


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    If you're doing this on CJ, you might want to note that there is an additional delay in receiving the "bonus" portion. For your consistent performers, they'll probably be much happier if you create a private level that pays out up front at the higher level.

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