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    Thumbs down "Request for Order Activity" from Broadband National
    I just received a "Request for Order Activity" from Broadband National:

    subject: "Please Read - Request for Order Activity"

    Dear Broadband National Publisher, The BBN CJ program appreciates your participation in our affiliate network. As we seek to refine and grow our program, we are reviewing our membership for order volume. If you are an active BBN publisher, thank you for your efforts! We hope this year brings you continued success. If you have been inactive with BBN, we request that you place at least 1 order with us in the next 4 weeks (by October 16, 2009). This will demonstrate your ability and desire to drive activity in the program. Not completing this step will serve as grounds for removal from the BBN CJ program after the month's passing. We hope to see activity from you in the near future!
    Why there are still so many Affiliate Managers doing stupid things like this?
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    I'm getting more and more detached from that kind of bull. Most of the time I immediately cut them loose unless a good bit of time is already invested in which case I hold my nose and email them.

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    BBN is a part of BridgeVine. They also run the Comcast and TW affiliate pgm on CJ. Bridgevine has demonstrated poor judgement about their way of handling of affiliates in the past. They have in the past reversed 100% of sales for the Comcast pgm. They have a track record of screwing affiliates.

    The BBN pgm is worst among the three pgms they run on CJ. BBN's 7 Day Epc $0, 30 day Epc $14. They have awful generic landing pages, not a single targeted LP. And as a result they don't convert, period.

    Now I think somebody, out of their stupidity and boredom, thinks firing affiliates will now be a good exercise and may improve conversion. What they don't realize that affiliates can't convert for them if they have poor LPs.

    Affiliates have really nothing to lose with BBN. After all they don't convert.

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