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    Optimize Your Existing Affiliates
    For AvantLink Merchants
    With this post I would like to write about how to optimize your existing Affiliates in AvantLink. Often times this is overlooked and Affiliate managers go on to cold recruit, when in fact it’s likely that there are many quality Affiliates already active with your program(s)…who have yet to add links or send traffic. Remember these Affiliates came to you, so at some point they had an interest in promoting your products. Maybe all it takes to find your new top-performing Affiliate, is reaching out to your inactive list person-by-person with an email.

    To access a list of Affiliates who are active, but not yet sending traffic. Follow these steps:
    1. Login, and click on “Affiliates” in the main menu.
    2. Click “Affiliate Program Applications”.
    3. Filter “Affiliate Status:” to “Active”.
    4. Sort the “Recent Traffic” column header (click that twice and all Affiliates tagged as “No” for recent traffic will filter to the top of the list).
    Read more on our blog...

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    I use this for my AvantLink program to great success. After spending several years pounding the bushes recruiting am not working to help activate and optimize affiliates.

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