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    Senate committee takes on Web-based 'loyalty' marketing companies
    Looks like Webloyalty , Vertrue and Affinion are in the news again. My wife sent me this article:

    Haiko I think we need a sub forum for Webloyalty.

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    Easy Saver is another of them, they have been doing it with Proflowers

    From everything I've read Easy Saver resists/limits refunds, but if the customer calls Proflowers directly they get the refund with minimal problems.

    Based only on some of the things I've read it looks like some of the other companies in the Proflowers family may also be dealing with this type of after sale promotion, I did some research on what the parent company owns... they have really deep pockets . Huge would be an understatement.

    Since Proflowers is doing the refunding: did the affiliates get credit for the sales?

    The Proflowers Family of companies (Provide Commerce, Liberty Media Companies) are a direct competitor, so if a mod asks for it I'll put up the links and info I've gathered so far on who owns what and the class action lawsuit.

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    Thanks for the link, Berries. I had to double check but thankfully I'm not signed up for this nasty-ass co's aff program.

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    With the exception of their affiliate program (.208 cookie), everything I've heard about Proflowers has always been very positive. I'm at a loss as to why seemingly good companies would risk their reputations by doing business with outfits like Easy Saver. I doubt that they can claim ignorance since they've been involved with Easy Saver for over three years and have had to resolve customer complaints themselves.

    I hope the gains were worth the damage to their reputation.

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