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    Adsense Sign-Up Error
    So today I decide to apply for an Adsense account so that I can continue to be a GAN affiliate (even though it disgusts me).

    I choose "Sign Up For An Adsense Account", because I've never had an Adsense account.

    Soon after, I receive an email stating "The email address provided is already associated with a Google AdSense account. Please use the same email address to link to your AdSense account. If you need to apply for a new AdSense account, please submit a different email address."

    What the heck does this mean and what do I do now? I've never had an Adsense account..


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    Is it possible you had an account a long time ago that you've forgotten about? You can try to retrieve your password using the instructions here:

    If you had closed that account, you'll need to reapply with a different email address:

    See also:


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    I would go to the log-in page and use the "Can't Access Your Account?" link. That would be interesting just for curiosity.

    Edit: The rep was typing while I was.

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    Not a prob....

    I had the same crap happen to me and I had to use a different email addy.

    No longer jimmy@ ..

    I went with solutions@ ....

    And all is well.......

    Jimmy McDonald - Your Local Hard Working RemodelingGuy ( & SprinklerGuy - & GarageGuy ) .... .... ....
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    Do What You LOVE & LOVE What You Do! ....

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