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    Should I have PPC if Top 3 on Yahoo?
    Hi: I know it sounds like a dum question. But I have a website that has some top 3 listings in yahoo's natural search results. I'm also paying to be in the top spot for PPC. Lately sales are down and I'm trying to cut down expenses where I can. So do I really need to have PPC for keywords that are ranking high in the natural search of yahoo.

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    My own experience is that there is a group of people who will buy through natural search results only, and there is a group who will buy through PPC only. There is also a smaller group who will only buy through eBay. Having said that, since you are very well represented in the SERPs, perhaps you should just cut down on your bidding and reduce your position in the PPC results.

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    I agree! Maybe just scaling down your bids is best. Look at your return on your PPC campaigns. If the returns are there why stop? There are people who only search a certain way. If you stop your PPC efforts you are leaving money on the table by not marketing to that group.

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    So you have some top 3 spots on Yahoo and are advertising on Yahoo?

    What is happening on Google? In most markets Google is 70%+ of Search.

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    There is no right or wrong answer but if you are looking to cut cost, it is a no brainer to scale back on that.

    When i was working for my last company, we had a strategy that covered PPC and SEO for the top 2 spots, but then again, I backed everything to a ROI. It helps to have a deep pocket too.

    I would go with aboveandbeyond's suggestion to explore google as that has a potential of generating more traffic than yahoo..any time, any day

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