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    Help! Google Adwords - Is it a Waste of Money?
    Hi: I had an SEO setup a Google Adwords campaign for my website and I just feel like that it is WAY to expensive. I'm shelling out about $600 a week. I'm getting sales however, even though they have the tracking on it and tell me sales have increased - I honestly don't believe it. Sales have not increased. I'm still seeing the same amount of sales I had before they added it. I almost want to shut off all PPC and see how sales do because I have top 3 listings in both yahoo and google for my keywords. Any advise guys on what I should do? I'm just frustrated and trying to cut expenses if possible.

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    Presuming that you are a merchant, the conversion tracking of Google is quite accurate. You can also install third party tracking scripts to countercheck this.

    What you need to do is to have access to your Adwords account and try to match the reported conversions with your actual sales. That way, you can build up an accurate picture of your real ROI for adwords. You really need to know exactly how much you are making per sale and the amount spent in Adwords to get it.

    I would also stay away from using the Content Network unless you are confident about getting a good ROI from it.

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    You're not going to get too many REAL PPC tips on this board, as PPC is a talent and those that do it well have spent a hell of a lot more than $600/week in the learning process.

    BUT, I will tell you this......


    If you are spending $2500 / month, you're taking it seriously, and should see some dramatic results if you are doing it right.

    You know that your PPC efforts are paying off when you don't have to post questions like this.

    If you can't or don't want to do it yourself, Fire your SEO partners and find someone who knows what they're doing.

    Too many idiots out there that don't have a clue and will make YOU pay while they try to figure it out.

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    Thanks remodeling guy. LOL! I like your style but I was not asking for any top secrets. If you know me from back in the day, I am well aware that we don't share those type of secrets on the board. And that was only my budget for Google Adwords. And yes, I am a merchant, and I spend about $8000 month on yahoo PPC and do have a dedicated yahoo account manager for that account and they actually setup/manage/optimize all of my ppc listings and accounts for free so I do take ppc seriously and do have phenominal results from yahoo. But Google adwords is all new to me and that's why I posted the question.

    Thanks P...I think I need to get the tracking in place for Yahoo as well then I can decifer sales from both ends.

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    If you are using Google Analytics and it is setup correctly they or you should be able to track conversions/ time on site / and bounces down to a keyword level.

    There is something called "Custom Reports" which is fairly new but would probably make you feel better or at least allow you to turn off the worst words. PPC traffic should have more time on site than SEO.

    Sometimes PPC traffic does not convert well on normal websites as the sales process is too soft. After reviewing real traffic behaviour maybe call to action changes are in order.

    I think $2500 is enough to run a solid campaign and work on a campaign well. Of course that depends a bit on the market. Some bigger firms cant really work well on some campaigns until they are $10,000 a month if they have a lot of overhead.

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    I don't want to hijack this thread, but it's not very old, and maybe other people have the same question.

    Is it possible to do actual conversion tracking as an affiliate and feed that into GoogleAdwords, to get accurate conversion stats? I have some sales through Shareasale and a lot through Avantlink. If I could feed conversions through these networks back to Adwords it would rock my little world.

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    Yes you can get your tracking in and get the analytics you are looking for. For the original post, I'd check and see if it was your trademarks that were bringing in the sales which could explain why overall sales have not increased.
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