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    What was this payment for?
    Argh! Separate and aside from all the issues regarding the change in how GAN pays affiliates, which there are plenty of threads to discuss that issue, I just want to know how the payment I received breaks down between merchants because of the way my bookkeeping is set up. And also, because I want to know who paid and who hasn't.

    I already had an Adsense account that I'm very happy with, and when the announcement came out, I successfully linked it to my GAN account. When I received a payment dated 8/31/09, I received an email with the breakdown. Here's the problem. I logged into my online checking account and noticed a payment posted on 9/16/09. Wonderful! I went through my emails, and there wasn't one telling me the breakdown of the payment.

    I just spend more time than I wish to admit to trying to figure out the breakdown. I finally found this help page: How will reporting work with payments made through Google AdSense? So, I followed the instructions:

    To view earnings details posted to your AdSense account, sign in to your Google Affiliate Network account and click Payments on your homepage. In the 'Payments Posted' section, you'll see the date the earnings were posted to your AdSense account, along with a total. Click View Details to see a detailed report by advertiser and month.
    I logged into my GAN account, found the Payments link, and was presented with absolutely nothing. It is empty. There is no data. Nothing.


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    I am not seeing that with other accounts. Can you send me your publisher ID?

    Thank you,


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    Thank you, Jamie. I just sent you an email.

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