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    I got thousands of emails from the same account which was sent to my standaes emailaddress beginning with and ending with I suspect that if this comes public, I will get millions of spamemails.
    Any possibility to avoid that?


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    I was having the same problem.. till I set the catch-all email account to bounce all email...

    What is happening ... is spammers know that most catch-all account are set to catch all email comming to a domain and forwrd it to someone...

    Most of us are doing this... so when a spammer does as they did to you they set their email script to "spray" an domain... hence all of the email...

    I set the catch-all account to "fail:: no such account" this is a very simple process if you use cpanel... if you do this dont forget to set up pop email or forwarder accounts for the email addresses you use..

    doing this cut my spam email 80%... if you have mutiple websites this is a must...

    In fact on most of my mini affiliate websites I dont have any contact info...

    another problem is most webmasters put their email address on their websites.... so spammers can harvest it...

    I use a PHP script to eliminate this problem...
    NateMail, it's free to use.. ez to install/ with full instructions..

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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