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    10 Big companies that could file BK
    Ten Big Companies That Are Veering Toward Bankruptcy

    1. Hertz
    2. Textron
    3. Sprint Nextel
    4. Macy's
    5. Mylan
    6. Goodyear
    7. CBS
    8. Advanced Micro Devices
    9. Las Vegas Sands
    10. Interpublic Group

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    Capitalism at its best... Poorly run companies being put out of business... Then, all the well-run companies can make even more!

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    Arguing about capitalism in its many forms and fashions is a bit like arguing about politics or religion, so I really won't go there. But do you really think it's as simple as "poorly run companies" vs. "well-run companies"?

    Maybe on a smaller, mom-and-pop level that's a strong determining factor. But on a larger, national or worldwide scale, there's a lot more to it than poorly run or well run, I suspect.
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    and BK doesn't necessarily mean being put out of business

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    "They" say this will be the make-it-or-break-it year for many retailers. This last quarter will really be interesting to watch.

    My bet is that a lot of chains will use the poor economy as a reason to get out of bad old leases and streamline any contracts they have with their manufacturers. For sure it is going to be a wild Christmas in retail. Tons of competition and many pulling out the last straw to survive. No way would I buy gift certificates this year

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