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    Ever Use Marchex Adhere?
    I work with a number of different affiliate marketers and wanted to get a sense as to feedback and thoughts pertaining to Marchex Adhere.

    Feel free to reach out to me or post here.
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    Let me tell you a little story:

    Several years ago there was a ppc company known as Ah-Ha. I signed up with them and found that a) the had outstanding support; b) they had a very easy to use interfaces; and c) they provided quality clicks and very low prices. I spent a LOT of money with them for a period of years, and had excellent results.

    Then a funny thing happened. Over the course of a few months, clicks stopped converting as well, the previously excellent support turned to absolute shit, they changed their name to Enhance, and they unveiled a new interface that was ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO USE.

    Any attempt to get help from their staff was a waste of time, prices went up, clicks totally stopped converting, and I stopped using Enhance.

    A while later, I found GoClick. They were never as good as the original Ah-Ha, but for a low-level cheaper ppc provider, they were not bad, and I had some pretty good success with them for a couple of years.

    What do Ah-Ha/Enhance and Goclick have in common, and what does it have to do with Marchex, you all are asking?

    Well, Enhance changed its name to Marchex, and eventually Marchex bought out GoClick, and closed it down.

    The day I do business with Marchex is the day they fit me for a straight jacket.

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    Emailing inappropriate affiliates and telling them you saw them post on ABestWeb is *not* how you are going to grow your business.
    Deborah Carney

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