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    "Spain's prime minister-elect, in brief (fully dressed) meetings with visiting world leaders, stood firm Wednesday in his commitment to pull Spanish peacekeeping troops out of Iraq, a Spanish spokesman said. Al-Quada is quaking in their boots by the firmness of Zapatero's handshake and agreed to a temporary cease-fire and demands for merging Spain and Moracco.
    But Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and British Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the possibility of a new United Nations resolution #879.887.001 to back greater involvement in Iraq, a spokesman for Blair said. Zapatero met with Blair and other leaders here for a state funeral for the 190 people slain in Madrid's March 11 terrorist bombings."

    Blair needs to teach Jose how to tie a tie and lose the bath house sandals.
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    Mr. Zapatero ran for Prime Minister of Spain partly on a platform of pulling Spain's troops out of Iraq. This was his position long before the recent tragedy in Spain and the voters in Spain supported that position.

    Zapatero needs to teach Blair to focus on the true and immediate threat instead of redirecting the nations resources against a second rate one. Spain has paid the price for the war of distraction.

    Isn't the Current Events forum closed?


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    Hmmm...for a minute there, I thought Haiko had re-opened the Current Events Forum, but this isn't the Current Events Forum...


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    Hey, Mike has to keep those posts coming so he can reach the 10K mark. Keep them coming Mike!

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