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Thread: New interactive video creatives!

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    Talking New interactive video creatives!
    Hey Affiliates!

    You may have already heard about’s partnership with Coull – an online interactive video ad specialist – and/or read about the launch of Littlewoods video creatives in the UK last year. If not, click here to check out the original press release.

    Since then, launched several more video creatives, including our first set for a US-based program: There are a total of 19 unique videos that promote specific As Seen On TV products – click here for a sample.

    How it works
    • As the video plays, a customer can hover over and click on the product.
    • This click takes them to a screen within the creative that displays detailed product information.
    • Viewers then have the option to click through to the deep-linked product landing page.

    • Performance and engagement – this creative format is designed to improve your sales performance and add engaging content to your site.
    • Earn more commission by sharing videos – these creatives are designed to be copied and shared. Site visitors can grab and distribute the video to other locations on the Web, including social network pages, desktops and blogs. The best part is that your site is awarded a commission for any resulting sales from the shared video creative.

    Samples from other programs
    Click the links below for a few examples of the video creatives we’ve run for a few of our UK programs. They demonstrate a few samples of the variety of formats available for merchant video ads.

    Click here to view a Littlewoods video creative
    Click here to view a Haven Holidays video creative

    Getting started
    1. Log into your Management Area
    2. Click on Make Links
    3. Click on “Coull Video”
    4. Choose your favorite video and pull coding

    Questions? Comments? Post a reply or contact your account manager for more information.

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