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    I just posted This in the WHenU forum...reposting here so everyone can read the gem of a quote from WHenU!

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    What is really sick is the network pimps for the Ad Whores continue to applaud these BHO drive-by and hidden bundles of crap as preferred partners. 80% of the infected users un-install these frigging programs again ..again and again. Rewards or incents be damned as the majority of web shoppers could give a crap on being thrown into some coupon clipping trailer trash green stamp program without their permission. The just want this crap, like spam and telemarketing, to cease operations.

    If Gator -WhenU -180Solutions and hundreds of other BHO's were discovered as enablers for some of their stolen commissions going to buy suicide Belts and muslim bomb making kits neither the networks -merchants or the BHO operators would shocked. Even the name Avi Nader is a oxymoron and cultural clash. They'd scream bloody liberal rants about more government intervention into the quick buck underworld of ecommerce advertising.

    Be assured the blending of intelligence from the cybercrime units with the cybercriminal investigations of spam -plishing -phoney charities are unearthing the underbelly of affiliate marketing. The spot lights for the next round of perp walks are coming to those who turned a blind eye, while reaping extra profits, from the ignoring they were knowingly enabling theft from ecash registers.

    You can easily connect the dots to see why the criminals and terrorist organizations are flocking to the anaminity of affiliate marketing, where their small agent's consolidated cash cows are hidden amongst millions of affiliates and 7.95 domains with phoney Whois info. If I were Al-Quada -Hamas -Hizbola or the Russian/Asian Mob I'd be seeking funds from affiliate front organizations.

    Nice post and article on how this is all coming down as the 500 Billion in counterfeit goods gets shoe horned into ecommerce is here.

    You can bet the counterfeiter rings are not only on ebay but will be coming to a network and BHO near you for the low cost of an entry fee verified ID required.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>"Mr. Nader is in a legitimate business," Burns said. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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