I was checking the Packet8 Landing page through my affiliate link from LS. There are two things so strange.

1. They show the affiliate id at the top of the page (not in the url, but on the landing page itself). Like Affiliate ID: linkshare-xxxxxxx-xxxxx.x_xxxxxx

As if that wasn't enough,
2. They show a updatable field in their shopping cart area, where your affiliate id is filled in. Right next to it a link to click on to update. As if the the buyer will need to change the affiliate id and then will click on the update link to update the affiliate id. This updatable, filled in, affiliate id field is right above the promo code field where the buyer can enter a promo code and and update.

What are they thinking. They expect a buyer who came to their site from an affiliate may need to change the affiliate id before making the purchase.

All I can say is "Stupid Merchant".