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    Questions on being an Advertiser
    We have an exciting new site with community fostering the Spa Lifestyle. What are your tips in attracting new affiliates? Our content is very informative and supported by over 50 Spa Advisors. I am finding that in this economy it's all about collaboration and what we can do for each other. With some affiliate programs the Links are not credited to you as they go through the Affiliate Mgmt firm. What's needed is direct links to your site to improve Page Rank.


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    Kim, first step is to contact all the spa advisors and make them affiliates. They work with them to help them link you your site via their content/reviews. Once they start to generate sales ask them if you can get banner placements for more branding.

    Do some searches in Google for your top brands and see if you can identify affiliates via their redirects to other programs. Check the offers from those competitors and make sure you have something better to offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myspashop
    With some affiliate programs the Links are not credited to you as they go through the Affiliate Mgmt firm. What's needed is direct links to your site to improve Page Rank.

    That's correct and the way it's supposed to be. Affiliate Marketing for a merchant is not about SEO, building links or gaining page rank it is about driving incremental sales. That is the only reason you, as a merchant, should have an affiliate program.
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    As knight mentioned, SEO is different from aff marketing.

    If you need to increase your PR, google SEO companies or SEO company New York to find a local SEO company.

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    Hi Kim,

    Before reading everyone elses comments, you designed your site for the Search Engines and not the consumer...big mistake as your site is very hard for humans to navigate and shop. This is not a good ecommerce site,,,no offense. You need to think about not only how the search engines will see it and work with it, but how your customers will be able to work with it. If people like me who shop online on a regular basis cannot find our way through or get frustrated,,,think about people who barely shop online.

    SEO is important but so are getting customers and although people may say you have a pretty site or good branding and other fluff like that,,,the problem is that it is useless if you cannot buy or find the products.

    As for Page Rank it is a joke anymore and you shouldn't worry about it. If you want Affiliates to build backlinks with your program, you will need to run an in house program with direct naked links,,,however most affiliates who are knowledgeable with SEO will put no follow tags in so you do not get a boost from their sites and overpower them on their keywords....unless you are an authority site and already showing up above them, then it will be a split on who uses no follow and who does not. Your Affiliate Management company should have explained all of this to you. If you want your Affiliates to give you the backlinks you can try buying ad space or links from them or giving them double commissions on each sale to help you along. However, just like everyone else said, Affiliate Marketing is about driving sales and not building your seo....although the traffic does help.
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