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    December 22nd, 2006
    "Thanks Google Execs" CJ

    You might want to send a big 'Thank You', or some type of gift to the executives at Google.

    Due to Google's recent mandate to sign up for Adsense (and their complete lack of respect for their GAN affiliates), I have switched out NUMEROUS merchants away from GAN, and onto CJ (and other networks). Although I'm still earning the same amount, you (CJ) are now earning quite a bit more.

    Although Q4 doesn't start for a few more days, and Christmas isn't for another 3 months, Google has given you one very profitable gift.

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    oh, google...

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    Even for those that can make the transition like me, I want to get paid. And from reading different posts, it's another 30-45 days on top of what wasn't the fasting paying system to start with. So for me, if there's an option elsewhere, it just makes sense to take it.

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    AWESOME! Google Execs are acting like they either don't understand our industry, don't care about our industry or are trying to redefine it.

    I really hope that thei idiotic move hurts them where it counts, in their pocketbook.

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    I don't like paydelay either, but considering that so many of my own purchases made through CJ links have consistently failed to be tracked and reported, where there is a choice between the two networks, using GAN is the obvious choice for me.
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    I have had the opposite experience. With tracking my own purchases CJ always comes out ahead, then GAN, then LS. Always. And with the exception of one merchant on SAS, it's 100%.

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    jacked by sylon
    I've also gotten 100% tracking with AvantLink.

    More merchants need to put their programs there. Their affiliate tools are Awesome.

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