I need to take time out of my day to comment on superior service I have received from Maria Burke of Networks Solutions.

Earlier this year I bought a domain on a back order service who created an account at Network Solutions to transfer this domain. When I sold the domain I changed the account info to the purchaser's info and forgot about it all.

Then over the next 6 months I bought a few more back orders. then when I start to work on them I see that they were all sent to the NetworkSolutions that I completely changed the owner info for (not my usual one) ... so the guy that I sold the original back order to now was the owner of record of all these additional domains (about $3K in total). I was frantic, I called customer support, got no where, asked for a supervisor who then referred me to the executive office - Maria Burke.

After I explained the situation and provided the receipts from domain the purchases, she then transferred the domains into a new Network Solutions account in my name. Whew! She saved me alot of money, time and much agida.

I try to call the the Backorder company - no response, I open a trouble ticket and after four replies their resolution was to log on to my enom account - IOW USELESS. So Thank God Maria Burke, you saved me.

Fast forward to last week, I had bought a few more back orders, and guess what? Yep same thing, went to the old account in the name of the guy who bought the domain. Geez Louise !!! The bill, this time, another $3K ... I'm sweating bullets again. I send off an email to Maria who not only responds immediately she also calls me twice! Suffice it to say, Maria saved the day again!!

So, thank you Maria, I really appropriate you and your superior service.

**I've created a new account at the back order company so the new domains I buy go to the new account - I'm still shocked at the non responsiveness of the back order company ... especially with the money that they make (No I will not mention them, this is a congratulatory thread).